Dr. OctagonapusEdit

Dr. Octagonapus

Dr. Octagonapus

I am Dr. Octagonapus. I have no secret identity due to the fact that I would be recognized instantly. I have bright orange hair, black shades, a nasty temper, am constantly levitating a few inches off the ground, have 4 mechanical tentacles coming out of my back, and shoot gigantic lasers out of my face. More specifically my mouth, but face makes it sound more intimidating at times. The tentacles came from the aftermath of a very large explosion. I was walking away from a warehouse that I worked at that dealt with radioactive material when a terrorist attacked it, causing said huge explosion. The heat and radioactivity, along with some shards of shrapenal totally ravaged my spine. My legs were done and without special treatment my arms didn't seem like they were doing anything. The surgeons tried a new type of way for dealing with this. They gave me a mechanical spine and the spine had tentacles on it that would work as arms and legs. The only problem is, they needed my permission to try it, something my unconscience body couldn't and absolutely didn't give. My only son didn't, as i found out, as I learned. This made me absolutely enraged. All of a sudden I began levitating. I screamed my name, then shot a gigantic laser from my mouth, frying everyone in the room to a crisp. My arms actually could work at this point, but my legs would never work again and are permanently stuck in one position. I'm not sure how, most likely due to the radiation like the lasers and levitation, but I also have exteme agility. It is very useful. I also have a short temper, so it is not uncommon for me to blast something with my lasers. I need to discarge my laser every month or so, and the discharge only works if the laser kills someone. So stay on my good side or you are screwed. I also have a very large robot for if I really need it. My ability to sneak is uncanny, as I have been able to sneak inside a superhero without him noticing until I tore his chest open. That is all.
Dr. Octagonapus with laser

Dr. Octagonapus while firing laser

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